Sabtu, 9 Oktober 2010

krisis susu habis

krisis krisis..susu habis ni pagi-pagi mana nak beli, kereta husband dah kena tow semalam tak sempat nak shopping apa-apa pun, balik dari singapore ngam ngam terus timing dia naik turun sendiri...brand new car pulak tu..alahai proton..what's going on.
so lari tajuk pulak, sekarang camana nak cari susu, beli susu, dimana bagaimana???
kebetulan gas habis pulakkk....sighhh
7-Eleven. probably takde brand s-26 gold, jauh pulak tu dalam 1km from here, adakah aku kena menapak ke sana?? or ambil teksi?? budak kecik 5 bulan ni plak camana?? adakah kena bawa bersama?? atau tinggal kat rumah sorang, kalu ada apa2 terjadi, tercekik ke terlemas ker ...tapi mak husband aku kata dulu2 diorang pergi kebun diorang tinggal jer baby kat rumah...tak ada apa2
Jauh tu nak menapak, bawak budak 6 kilo ni lagi...teksi....

Sabtu, 2 Oktober 2010


Why i recommended this products to you, cose it's worked for me like nobody business, i lost 10 kg post natal...Maybe cose i breastfeeding and all i manage to lost some weight, but during ramadhan i jus had hada packet for sahur, that can last me till breakfast time. No Hunger, Feel Energetic, its worked for me , should worked for you...

Want some tips please post your e-mail here

Rabu, 29 September 2010

Daily routine

Morning 8am, make rice porridge for my daughter, carrot, anchovy, rice all blended together, today she ate spoonful few more, 9am went for morning walk baby on stroller, went to provision shop but shop closed, doesn't annoy me...cose nothing to buy, really...but hope to lose some fats..preggers can excercise to lose those extra gained. i ate like horse nowadays, swallowing anything edible..hope can get bit dark too if went for morning walk everyday...
Went back boiled 2 eggs, bathed baby, she as usual with her cheery self...enjoying every moment with water...make some sandwich..egg mayo...extra mayo :D (see what i mean..).
finished 3 slices of bread....update my turn to bath...see ya 

Selasa, 28 September 2010

One miserable husband

Now am pregnant about 14 weeks, so the nausea bout still linger, waking me at night, but didn't vomit properly, just felt bile, sourish in my mouth.
Resigned my job last month,  so now am full time mom, took care my 5 months old daughter, so it's fits me fine, she woke at least twice for milk, so I'll just zombie.
One baby will cry every time she wake up until i feed her, so my husband will try miserably to calm the baby by rocking her back and forth while i prepare the milk, it's quite annoying for me to see him like that, cose he needs to wake up by 5am to work, i quite pity the solutions nowadays is he slept in master room while me and baby slept in 2nd room, so his sleep not disrupted. 
Sometimes baby will sleep on her own room, if she didn't cry or don't have upset stomach, now she is teething, so it's normal for her to wake up few times at night.
Maybe you want to try my solutions first, for me less one grumpy worker... why not i save him lifetime of misery...

Sabtu, 25 September 2010

AWAS Branded handbags with pigskin handle and lining

arrghh tensionnyer, sudah ko bilang berkali2 ittew ialah kulit babi tak nak dengar taknak faham jugak, ye lah tau lah ko x sembahyang, but at least ....sigh.

tengok sample gambar beg gucci tu ada 3 dot tu ialah kulit babi yg dah dipolish, soft and refined.

Prada bag's photo made of pigskin for its durability.

sometimes i felt i have no right to advise anybody even anyone at all bout this informations, ko banyak duit nak beli barang branded but at least as a consumer u have right to choose and to
received all the info of e leather used on the handbag, ada banyak chooise lagi calf ker, nylon ker, agnes b punya bags pun nowadays banyak made of high quality nylon.

so aku bagitau sekali ko agak2 la nak dengar ke x, but puhleease dont come near me, malas aku nak samak2 nih.

Selasa, 3 Ogos 2010

how long it take on average to cross causeway

well..based on my experiences, at the moment by car is the fastest, can reach queen st within 1 to 1 1/2 hour. Motorcycle too many people using nowadays, so average almost the same as car (you might want to cry walaupun leadtime dia same as car remember you need to have very strong legs and hands) kaki ko sampai nak bengkok , asap lagi, tangan keep pressing clutch and break clutch n break for the next 2 hours)imagine. Pedestrian they need to take bus, no choice, cannot jalan kaki macam on average need 2hours (up to 3 hours) each back and forth from queen street to larkin (if peak hours), if no jam can pass by 1 1/2 hour.

so is it worth it 4 hours a day, im talking 'daily' here. so u judge urself...

Ahad, 1 Ogos 2010

Pedestarian like me

Everyday jam dekat causeway, tomorrow monday somemore early of the month. Sure jam kaw kaw esp motorcycle and pedestarian.

Should i go out 630 instead?? haha...longgggg queue.