Rabu, 29 September 2010

Daily routine

Morning 8am, make rice porridge for my daughter, carrot, anchovy, rice all blended together, today she ate spoonful few more, 9am went for morning walk baby on stroller, went to provision shop but shop closed, doesn't annoy me...cose nothing to buy, really...but hope to lose some fats..preggers can excercise to lose those extra gained. i ate like horse nowadays, swallowing anything edible..hope can get bit dark too if went for morning walk everyday...
Went back boiled 2 eggs, bathed baby, she as usual with her cheery self...enjoying every moment with water...make some sandwich..egg mayo...extra mayo :D (see what i mean..).
finished 3 slices of bread....update blog...now my turn to bath...see ya 

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