Selasa, 28 September 2010

One miserable husband

Now am pregnant about 14 weeks, so the nausea bout still linger, waking me at night, but didn't vomit properly, just felt bile, sourish in my mouth.
Resigned my job last month,  so now am full time mom, took care my 5 months old daughter, so it's fits me fine, she woke at least twice for milk, so I'll just zombie.
One baby will cry every time she wake up until i feed her, so my husband will try miserably to calm the baby by rocking her back and forth while i prepare the milk, it's quite annoying for me to see him like that, cose he needs to wake up by 5am to work, i quite pity the solutions nowadays is he slept in master room while me and baby slept in 2nd room, so his sleep not disrupted. 
Sometimes baby will sleep on her own room, if she didn't cry or don't have upset stomach, now she is teething, so it's normal for her to wake up few times at night.
Maybe you want to try my solutions first, for me less one grumpy worker... why not i save him lifetime of misery...

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